Mojo Marketing Plus
Mojo Marketing Plus
  • About Us


    MoJo came from a childhood nickname with a twist from a friend’s son that changed it from JoJo to MoJo.  MoJo is a magic charm or power, so I thought, what better way to name my business and convey my magic power and love for helping businesses. 

    MoJo Marketing Plus came about after years of working for other people and dreaming of working for myself. I realized that working for yourself doesn’t have to be only for other people. A new mindset, a great support system, and a drive to help empower and motivate business owners to build, transform, engage, and take their business to the next level!

    What To Expect

    When you work with us you will experience superior customer service, customized plans that fit your business and a tailored strategy that help take your business to the next level.

    Our Success is Your Success

     I help take the stress out of being a business owner. I spice up and manage social media, create long term marketing strategies, write web content, blogs, advertising and collateral materials and make businesses stronger for years to come.